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Developer Experience (DevX) meet-up organised by Gitpod - April 2023
Join us for an evening of networking with the Gitpod community and (DevX) enthusiasts with pizza and drinks sponsored by us.
This is an opportunity to connect with others in the community and learn and share the best Gitpod practices and knowledge as well as developer experience (DevX) 🍊
Thank you to our friends at for hosting us!
What is Gitpod?
Gitpod is an open-source developer platform automating the provisioning of ready-to-code developer environments.
Designed for applications running in the cloud, Gitpod frees engineering teams from the friction of manually setting-up local dev environments, saving dozens of hours and enabling a new level of collaboration to create applications much more quickly than ever before.
Natively integrated with GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket, Gitpod automatically and continuously prebuilds dev environments for all your branches. As a result team members can instantly start coding with fresh dev environments for each new task - no matter if you are building a new feature, want to fix a bug, or work on a code review.
Agenda (TBC)
6:00 PM Doors open
6:15 PM Welcome!
6:30 PM Talk 1 TBC - Geoffrey Teale from Upvest
7:00 PM Networking / food / drinks
7:30 PM Talk 2
8:00 PM Talk 3
8:30 PM Closing remarks
8:35 PM Networking / food / drinks
9:00 PM End of meet-up
Geoffrey will share his philosophy of DevX, what matters and what you need to focus on to bootstrap DevX.
Geoffrey Teale has been programming for 40 years, a professional software engineer for 25 years and DevXer since 2017.  Despite his best efforts, he probably learned something along the way.
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