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JS Monthly/Programmed in Pencil - July edition
Programmed in Pencil is a monthly meetup that brings together engineers from across the tech industry to listen to talks on digital product engineering.
This is a hybrid event, you can either join us at our RVU office or register here for the webinar:
This month:
Making Databases Easy by Daniel Starns
As a Javascript developer, the concept of databases can seem as scary as CSS! We at Prisma invite you to learn about and use our tools to make working with databases a breeze. Follow along with Daniels's talk where he will show you just how easy it is to get started using databases with Node.js and Typescript.
Building the perfect micro-frontend framework for your company by Alex Lobera
You work for a company with hundreds of engineers contributing to the same front-end monolithic app. The company needs to build more features faster but an increment in developers doesn't increment productivity. Should it adopt micro-frontends? If so, is there a perfect micro-frontends framework given its tech stack and requirements? In this talk, I'll explore the ladder of abstraction that you need to walk to create the perfect micro-frontends framework for your project.
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Aris Markogiannakis
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