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JS Workshop: Getting Sassy with Sass
Welcome to the JS Workshop! This event started as a space for intermediate and advanced JavaScript developers to learn new skills, experiment with interesting technologies and have fun, but we also host workshops and talks more accessible to newer devs, and this is one of them!
How It Works
The speakers codes and everyone that code into their own laptops. You'll go home with an exciting new program, and if there's time left over at the end you'll do something cool with it and show a demo to everyone. Fun!!!
A laptop with a web dev environment, including an editor and a local server Some proficiency with CSS No experience with Sass is necessary, but a familiarity with node and npm is appreciated! A cheerful and inquisitive attitude Install Sass before the workshop: npm i sass or for convenience, through a cdn link .
6:00 - "Doors open", general chit chat or setup questions 6:15 - Intro comments, Host introduces presenter 6:20 - Workshop begins. 7:00 - Q&A or short break 7:15 - End: More review of concepts and coding
Rachael Concessio is a developer at Healthie.
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CSS is an integral part of frontend development, but it can be tricky to scale styles in a growing application. Using Sass, a CSS preprocessor, Rachael Concessio will explore how you can create reusable and modular styles. This way, you'll do more while writing less code.
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