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London Community Social
Let’s hang out with the community!
The community social is an opportunity to meet and network with individuals working with communities in the London area.
Together, we can collaborate on efforts for the benefit of everyone, to elevate communities everywhere!
Enjoy the summer 😎
We've secured the hippest rooftop hang-out in town!
They offer a 50% plant-based food menu and fresh draught beer from the brewery next door 🍔🍻
See you there! 👋🏽
32 Attending
Ruben Casas
Charlie Jackson
Iris Schaffer
Pushkar Desai
Jacob Paris
Jani Eväkallio
Glen Maddern
Nathaniel Okenwa
Namit Chadha
William Kempster
Steve Ruiz
Daniel Buchele
Anup Allamsetty
Katya Marchenko
Narendra Shetty
Brandon Bayer
Marcel Cutts
Will Golledge
Andy Ingram
Christopher Chedeau
Imran Sulemanji
Cindy Yeh
Taz Singh
Roshan Gautam
Phil Pluckthun
Sunil Pai
james darby
jeff tang
Nicola Corti
Serj Hunt
Oliver Turner
Bojan Wilytsch
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