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Meetup-BeJS#23 : An Introduction to RedwoodJS
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A very happy 2023 to everyone! So glad to welcome you again...!
BeJS folks are excited to host an expert with an extensive experience who's had a variety of roles throughout his career. He's now part of our beloved community and always ready to help, share and support...
📆 Wednesday, 15 February 2023
🕡 6.30 PM
📍 Office (The Junction Lab) BeCentral - Cantersteen 10-12, 1000 BRUSSELS
18.30 : Meets & Greets & 🍻🥪🥙
19.00 : Talk + Q&A + Chat, & more 🍻🥪🥙
21.00 : Bye & see you next meetup...
Adam Juran, founder of , is a technical strategist and a full-stack architect. In more than 20 years of IT experience, Adam has held a variety of leadership, technical, and client-facing roles: technical lead, architect, strategist, developer, and speaker... He recently joined , a Doctor-Founded personalized supplement startup, as Director of Engineering.
Learn more about our guest on , ,
According to their homepage: "Redwood is the full-stack web framework designed to help you grow from side project to startup."Created by the co-founder and CTO of GitHub, Tom Preston-Werner, Redwood combines the best parts of React, GraphQL, Prisma, TypeScript, Jest, Storybook. Its powerful CLI allows you to generate pages, components, install TailwindCSS, seed your database, and even setup authentication using your preferred provider!
RedwoodJS lets you focus on the fun parts of building an application rather than get bogged down with boilerplate code.
This talk will introduce you to the RedwoodJS framework, and get you excited about what you, yourself, can build...!
⚠️ Rules: In order to provide you with the best experience possible, here are some rules to abide by so that everyone can enjoy the meetup :
This meetup has a limited attendee capacity.
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Members of the community who RSVP and then don't show up three times will be removed from the group. ( As we have limited capacity we would like to avoid people not being able to attend because others RSVPed YES and did not show up.
If you're not coming anymore please RSVP NO (DON'T ATTEND) so that people in the waiting list can attend.
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