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React Advanced London Meetup - Summer Edition [in-person]
👋 General Info
Hey React Advanced London community! We have some good news!
Remember the date: 25th of August & join us to talk about all things React and dive deep into the details and internals of our favourite libraries, functions and components patterns.
Important! In case you have talk you want to share with community & join meetup as a speaker - we need you!
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📍Event location The Trampery, London, 239 Old Street
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Feel free to bring +1 friend who is interested in joining us (just share the Guild link - so your friend could register as well).
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Huge shout out to our sponsors:
OfferZen () OfferZen is a community-first developer job marketplace that connects top developers in Africa and Europe with over 2000 companies that are looking to grow their teams. We flip the normal recruitment process on its head: companies reach out to candidates who are actively looking for new opportunities. Our mission is to help people unlock their potential by helping them build awesome software.
This event made possible thanks to the support from React Advanced London organizers - GitNation.
🕑 Event Schedule
18:30 - Doors open 19:00 - Intro and announcements 19:10 - Talks 20:10 - Mingle until 9.30 pm
We hope to see you!
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There have been many react component patterns used over the years to facilitate the composition of frontend software.
However, React has evolved over the years especially with the introduction of hooks and context. Newer ways to do things clash with the so-called "older ones". In my talk, I want to take a relook the patterns from the perspective of a developer's needs for implementation, be it extracting logic, combining props, handling hierarchy, or inverting control of state.
Once the need is established, it is helpful to compare the new and the old patterns, if they exist, for the same goal and understand the pros and cons of each.
In this talk we will discuss serverless functions, Edge functions, and handling data on the edge. We will also look at some sample code from a simple application.
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