Episode 19: David Price from RedwoodJS @ Reactathon
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🌲 Today we have David Price from the RedwoodJS project!
He's an awesome dude that should probably start offering cooking classes because of the way the ingredients come together with something like RedwoodJS. It's inspired by Rails, and is a complete multi-platform ready solution from the data model (via Prisma & GraphQL) to components (via Redwood Cells) to even including the testing (via end-to-end Jest) as well as Storybook 🤯
We chat with him about the challenges of starting a project, and taking it to that 100% mark with all of the details to be considered along the way. They're doing "the Webpack and the Babel behind the scenes, it is not glamourous making an open source project work" but seeing the impact to people and community everywhere is very soul-nourishing, especially with so many companies already building on top of Redwood 🙌🏽
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