Episode 20: Brian Vaughn from Replay @ Reactathon
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▶️ Today we have Brian Vaughn with us!
We chat with him about the start of his career, from the LAMP stack over to Flash and onto Angular, where he met Kent C Dodds! Ah, the good old days 😄
He progressed through his career to join Google, where he recounts the challenges and intimidations of working with such a talented organization. Spoiler: he said the same about Facebook (now Meta)! 😅
After Google, he worked at Treasure Data where a challenge was displaying lots of information in a list. That's where he started working on react-virtualized, and discovered all of the challenges of building a virtualized list. Thankfully, he took on those challenges and released the tool publicly for the rest of us to use! 📋
Through more open-source work, he got recognized by the team at Facebook and went on to work more on React Native and React Dev Tools. That work has now taken him onto working on the next generation of developer tooling at Replay, which continues to blow our minds to this day 🤯 It's one of those tools that once you see it, you can't stop talking about it. And Brian is one of those folks that's lovely to speak with, so we don't mind at all!
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