Episode 22: Andrew Clark from Meta @ Reactathon
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⚛ In this episode, we're joined by Andrew Clark from Meta!
We talk about how he started with software, from creating basic web pages in the 4th/5th grade to moving on to iPhone apps in Objective-C as the transformative part of his career towards more in-depth software development 📲
It was awesome picking his brain about the history of React, how it was initially inspired by XHP at Facebook, and how JSX was introduced to appeal to the internal engineers (while it was boo'ed off stage at JSConf!) 😱
He's part of the React Runtime team, which has ideated and implemented the Fiber architecture 6 years ago to releasing React 18's Concurrent Mode more recently. It's been an incredible journey, and digging into how other runtimes have inspired Andrew and React has been amazing to hear 🙌🏽
Lastly, we talk about how Andrew got involved with React & Meta - co-creating Redux, his first React PR with Sebastian, and starting at Meta. We also talk about the future of React, and how the team is now working together across various organizations 🤝🏽
We really enjoyed sitting down with Andrew and hope you enjoyed the conversation!
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