Episode 26: Eleftheria Batsou at CityJS Athens
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🇬🇷 Today we have Eleftheria from Greece with us, at CityJS Athens!
We talk about her journey into tech (which almost happen!), leading to learning Angular.js in the early days before transitioning into React & React Native 🚀 These days, she had a Master's degree in technology - quite the achievement from almost not entering the field!
She spent the early part of her career in the startup space, where she had to wear many hats. One of which was to continually improve UI/UX even without access to a designer, which served as inspiration for her content at CityJS Athens 👩‍🎨
Throughout her journey, she's leaned on the community to help her advance her skills, and she's chosen to give back by elevating developers through her content. Today, she's the Lead Community Manager at Hash Node, working with the team there to do the same 🙌🏽
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