Episode 27: Ujjwal Sharma from Igalia & TC39 at CityJS Athens
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🙌🏽 We have the one and only Ujjwal Sharma with us!
He's doing deeply meaningful work specifying the JavaScript language and in the open-source software space, which is the part of the journey we know. However, what inspired him to get here is incredible to hear! 🚀
From starting off by creating video games to play with his brother and pranking friends, he started learning more about computers. During high school, he participated in Google's Summer of Code which accelerated his passion. But this passion was quickly tested when he discovered the realities of studying computer science in university 😅
Thankfully, his involvement with communities kept his dream of moving to Europe alive. Through his involvement with the V8 team and NodeJS, he was able to join Igalia to work more closely with TC39 ✨
Check out his incredible story and follow him for more 👇🏽
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