Episode 29: Alexandra Sunderland at JSConf Budapest
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🙌🏽 We're back with Alexandra Sunderland, at JSConf Budapest!
She's a fellow Canadian that just gave a talk about the emotional chaos of deploying code 😅 Check out more on her presentation here 👉🏽
Remote work is new for a lot of us, but Alexandra has been working remotely for quite a long time. She's written about the best practices for being an empathetic people-first leader, covering topics from accounting for remote-specific biases when hiring to how to give out promotions when you don't get to see people every day 🙌🏽 Taz recently was challenged with providing equipment to remote employees, and of course, Alexandra has documented best practices for that too 😄 Check out her book here 👉🏽
Hope you enjoyed! Feel free to follow Alexandra for more 👇🏽
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