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React Advanced London is a community organizing quarterly in-person events and an annual hybrid conference in October (). Engineers of all levels are welcome to join, our meetups are always free to attend and a great place to meet other likeminded people and share some insights about your work and experience from the stage.
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Want to give a talk at our next meetup? We welcome talk ranging from 5 to 20 min length on any topic related to React and/or React Native, submit them here and we'll be in touch
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React Amsterdam is a community organizing quarterly Meetups and an annual Conference on all things React . Being the oldest ReactJS community in BeNeLux it gather Front-end developers across the globe in the tech heart of Europe. With internationally recognized speakers, amazing attendee crowd and a top location.
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Join us for Tech Talks, Code Clubs, Workshops, and Socials.
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Reflections on two years of getting stuff wrong in public.
🇺🇦 We have Natalia from the VueJS core team and GitLab with us!
Her journey through in the software industry is incredible. From learning to code at 11 using BASIC on a ZX Spectrum, to getting a Master's degree in Computer Engineering, to learning JavaScript while becoming a mother, she's been considered a "junior" through that entire part of her career 😅
It was through her involvement with the VueJS community, meeting friends like Sara Vieira, and working on VueJS itself, she started working at GitLab which rocketed her upwards to the next stage of her career 🚀
How we're progressively moving an actively worked on codebase (with 4 engineers) into SvelteKit, to enable us to progressively enhance the frontend with Svelte + Kit whilst minimising impact on product velocity.
Fergus Leahy
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