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Svelte London - April 2023
New venue! Same awesome content!
Svelte Society London are partnering with for the April event!
Lineup includes a talk from Matthias Stahl talking about How Svelte has revolutionized data visualization at Der SPIEGEL
More to follow!
Visual stories on news websites are the beauties of modern data storytelling.
Such effective articles reach millions of readers, are created in a short amount of time, and need to run on a plethora of different devices.
Let's have a technical look under the hood of some real-world news stories and experience (at least) three magic Svelte tricks to create stunning visuals.
Svelte & SvelteKit have upped the game on creating websites solely to show people how cool you are.
In this talk I will show you how Sveltekit makes it easier than ever for you to create essential components for your ego boosting website, such as over the top Graphics of your face, Sick page transitions, + More!
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