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Microservices nowadays is a well known concept and maybe you are using it in your current company.
Do you know that now you can apply similar ideas in the Frontend?
Today we already divide the Frontend into several components at development time, but at compile time these components are merged into one monolithic Frontend and this is where this new architecture comes into play.
In this talk we will understand the reasons behind micro-frontends and we will also explore one of the most interesting ways of applying them using Module Federation and Svelte
Other Presentations
Chris is director of engineering at XtendOps and in this talk he details the reasoning behind moving his company from Meteor to SvelteKit
The technology theory and algorithms exist to easily make all web-based software collaborative (aka Google Doc-like)
Yjs is a great library to easily implement CRDTs into web based software
SvelteKit and Yjs work amazingly well together when combined with Svelte Stores
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