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React Amsterdam is a community organizing quarterly Meetups and an annual Conference on all things React . Being the oldest ReactJS community in BeNeLux it gather Front-end developers across the globe in the tech heart of Europe. With internationally recognized speakers, amazing attendee crowd and a top location.
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Upcoming Presentations
Brett Beutell
State machines are a useful model for managing complex flows and interactions. This talk will look at the state-of-the art for using state machines in React, when you might want to use them, and when you might want to avoid them. We’ll make use of the library XState, and look at some of the unique developer tooling it can provide (e.g., visualizing all possible states of your code!)
Daniel Frey
You probably heard before of "Micro Services" and maybe even used it at your current company, but, did you know that now you can do the same in the Frontend? In this talk, we will understand how does micro frontends work and the reasoning behind them. We will also explore one of the most interesting ways of applying them in your projects using Webpack's Module Federation feature.
Other Presentations
Gaurav Sehrawat
Javascript that scales is Typescript. Typescript has seen massive adoption in recent years and it's just the beginning.
This talk is going to give us leverage from Typescript over React.
We will be talking about creating strongly typed function component props to understand what we can pass and avoid making mistakes.
Next we will see typed function component state, passing types in useState & useReducer hooks
We will also see typed class components, events and event handler.
Let's not forget about typed context and refs for maximal benefit.
We will end the talk with adding typescript using create react app and manually. Lot to learn & lot to cover.
Medhat Dawoud
Optimising performance is a great win for any online business, however, it's an expensive and time-consuming process, in this talk I’m going to get you through some great tips to make performance wins in a cheap way, the talk includes some good examples that make enhancing performance very easy and takes less time than ever and patterns that you could catch in your own projects right after watching it.
Developing for each platform individually is so 2010s. These days, with React Native’s component system providing base-level UI constructs, we can efficiently develop for every platform while not sacrificing any particular platform’s uniqueness. Taz will review the approach they’ve taken while developing Guild, and the creation of their Mondrian cross-platform responsive design system as well as how they’ve accommodated the differences in navigational experiences across platforms to accomplish a codebase that can be 95+% shared across every platform.
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