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March 6th at 4PM
CityJS Matteos Collina interview
Ahead of CityJS Matteo Collina will be interviewed by Italo Jose.
Lets find out more about his talk, why he wouldnt use an ORM, and also what he is currently working with Platformatic.
Ahead of CityJS Matteo Collina will be interviewed by Italo Jose.
Lets find out more about his talk, why he wouldnt use an ORM, and also what he is currently working with Platformatic.
You can see Italo and Matteo together in London during the conference you can purchase a ticket at
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February 23rd at 7PM
JSMonthly Feb Meetup
About the event
Welcome to our JSMonthly meetup.
We are having two talks this month, three speakers including Mo Javad Khazali, Andrew Harris and Shaul Efraim
6:30pm: Doors open
7pm: Mo Javad Khazali // One Hook to Rule Them All
By nature, React & JSX blurs the lines of separation of concerns. Your markup is now being combined with your javascript - if you want to make it even wilder, throw in a styling framework like tailwind and you'll have your content, business logic, and presentation layers all in one file. This conflicts with the conventional wisdom that your web architecture should have clear distinct boundaries between your HTML, CSS, and JS. We propose a practical solution to avoid this muddling of SoC and to extract the business logic out of our components once and for all.
7:45: The Recipe for Revenue: Make money with software without subscriptions or ads // Andrew Harris. Shaul Efraim @ Rapyd
Developers used to think of payments as a cost. Businesses had to pay transaction fees to do business online. But with APIs and Fintech as a Service, the equation has changed. Payments are a way to create new revenue and grow your business. After Drew Harris gives a brief intro to Rapyd, get hands-on as Software Architect Shaul Efraim from Rapyd shares with you how to integrate the fundamentals of the Rapyd API into your product.
Andrew Harris Bio
As a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the fintech industry, Drew has a unique combination of technical background and marketing expertise that allows him to effectively understand and relate to developers. His experience in software engineering, product design, and product marketing has given Drew the ability to effectively communicate with and understand the needs of developers, while also crafting compelling messaging and positioning for developer-facing products.
Currently, Drew is serving as the Head of Developer Relations at Rapyd, where he leads developer engagement, adoption, and community.
Shaul Efraim is a highly skilled full-stack software developer with extensive expertise in Fintech, Payments, and Security. With a strong background in Javascript, Node JS, and React, Shaul has a proven track record of delivering robust and secure software solutions. In his current role as a Software Architect at Rapyd, Shaul has demonstrated his ability to lead teams, provide technical guidance, and develop innovative payment applications.
Throughout his career, Shaul has honed his skills in Node JS, React, and other cutting-edge technologies. He has worked as a Full Stack Team Leader, Full Stack Developer, and Backend Developer, gaining valuable experience in a range of roles and industries. Shaul has also demonstrated a commitment to his craft, staying up to date with the latest trends and advancements in software development.
As a speaker and presenter, Shaul is well-equipped to educate software development groups on how to integrate fintech into their capabilities and create new commerce experiences.
9pm: End of event - Pub afterparty
Sponsored by Rapyd
Hosted by Foolproof
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