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Events and Presentations on this platform itself - Guild!
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Redwood is the open-source, full-stack web framework designed to help you grow from side project to startup. Learn more at
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Join us for Tech Talks, Code Clubs, Workshops, and Socials.
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Javascript evolution has sped up (a lot) in recent years and event the most veterans developers find it hard to keep up with the latest trends. This meetup group aims to bring you monthly bite-sized updates on the world of Javascript along with a healthy dose of nice people, beer and pizza.
Please use your full name when registering, as some of our venues require a full list of attendees beforehand. You have an idea and you want to be a speaker?
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This is a group for all web enthusiasts, to share their knowledge and meet people with similar interests. The focus will be HTML, CSS and Javascript, be it discussing the latest developments stuff, new techniques and creative ways of using web technologies, or simply fun experiments.
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